Our Mission


Our Mission

We are building a business with a true sense of purpose. Biownr was created with community in mind. It is about what we can do to help our community achieve their goals and maximize their sale profits while also knowing that each sale goes towards helping building affordable housing through our tiny home project objectives aimed to assist the less fortunate and people doing it rough find a place that they can feel safe.

We believe that everyone in Australia should have access to a place that they can call home

We are dedicated to our purpose of helping every Australian maximise their profit margin when it comes to selling their largest asset, their home.


Our Dedicated Commitment

Our dedication to helping the community does not stop here. We are committed to reinvesting and rebuilding our community. We at Biownr believe in “paying it forward”.

Therefore, for every property we receive, 10% of Biownr’s profits (with the aim of reaching 50% in the next few years) will be directed to purchasing land and building self-sustainable tiny home communities to house the homeless including men/women and children escaping violence.

Our purpose is to assist the homeless community in rebuilding their lives through hope and encouragement, through finding their natural talents and helping them to work together as a community to grow and prosper.

We have just launched, beginning in Victoria, and our aim is to expand to the rest of Australia within the next few years. This is where we would love your support.


We have a Big dream and a Big Vision for Biownr

Together we can make a difference