Frequently asked questions

01. Do you upload my property to the same online realestate websites as agents do?

Absolutely. We upload your property to all the major online realestate websites including realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, realestateview.com.au, onthehouse.com.au, homes.com.au and the list is growing. You can then choose to upgrade on each of these sites according to your allocated budget.
Biownr is an online app that connects buyers and sellers directly, without requiring a real estate agent. Our app uses the legal expertise of conveyance solicitors and allows users to legally sell and list properties for sale without hefty real estate commissions and fees. We have our real estate licence, which allows us to offer this revolutionary app to customers. People who use our app save money by signing up for cost effective packages that let you buy or sell property all via a convenient app, without even needing to leave your house.
Yes, we are licenced real estate agents and can help save you thousands on expensive real estate agents fees. We are 100% legal and are working to change the way individuals buy and sell property, without the exorbitant commission and fees from agents. Our clever app can even allow you to auction your property live via your smartphone, providing exposure for your property across our app network of users.
To get started, simply sign up for either our buyer’s package or seller’s package to gain access to the world of buying or selling your home via the Biownr app. Our buyers packages start from $500, and our sellers packages start from $1395, allowing you full access to property listings so you can find the perfect property, put in an offer and purchase a property all without the hassle of spending ridiculous amounts of money on agents commissions.
Yes, of course, you’re welcome to share your listing. Once you had set this up, simply copy the link and share via text or email.
Yes, buyers can arrange a pre-purchase building inspection that comes with a thorough report and photographs of any defects. The report provides peace of mind for buyers who are looking to invest in property and prices start from only $500 per report. We also provide detailed termite and pest inspection reports, which equip buyers with all the relevant information ahead of finalising a property purchase. Termite and pest inspection reports start from $500.
No, we offer a simple and affordable range of packages that offer basic options as well as customised marketing packages. You simply decide if you would like to list for sale or auction, and once your listing is uploaded simply wait for queries to come through and answer them all via email and arrange personalised home inspections with genuine property buyers at a time that suits you.
We offer a full suite of premium upgrades which can be added to your package including 3D videographer, 3D floor plans and site plans, weekly house cleaner packages, window cleaning, gardener, interior design, fresh flower delivery, handyman services and independent property valuer.
Yes, it’s true. We’ve changed the way that people buy and sell property by providing a far way to transact real estate. Say goodbye to huge real estate agents fees and hello to a simple, effective and legal way to buy and sell property, all via a handy and secure app.
Not sure how to price your property? Don’t stress, a quick search of your property on RealAs gives you all the latest market data. It also helps to get an independent valuer to come out to your home and give you a realistic valuation, to help you make up your mind on what you should price your home at. The staff at Biownr are also at hand to help guide you with any queries you may have.
Remember always to be truthful in your description of your property. Honesty is always the way to go, after all; that’s what Biownr is all about. We will not leave you stranded and will always look over each and every property profile submitted before it gets uploaded to ensure it is the best we can make it to maximise your chances of a positive outcome. If we can suggest changes, we will be in touch.
Usually the Section 32 is prepared by the vendor’s Lawyer or a Conveyancing Lawyer. Please ensure legal advise is sought from a qualified lawyer regarding the information contained in the Section 32 and what information SHOULD be included.
It is important to seek pre purchase legal advice from your Lawyer or Conveyancing Lawyer regarding the Section 32, including knowing what your rights and obligations are, any special conditions in the contract and how they affect you and any drafting of any special conditions you require as part of your offer with your terms.
You will still be able to submit the property profile without the Section 32, but it is in your best interest to have it before you start having potential buyers requesting it and you do not have anything to show. Keep in mind that a sale of property cannot proceed without it.
Absolutely. Facebook has this option available including all smartphones. This is a great way of marketing your property with the basic package. Keep in mind we can only upload one video per property listed in addition to your property photos.
Simple, email us the package you would like as well as which concierge options you are interested in, and we will get a quote for you and provide a price for you to choose from. You can then make the choice whether you accept or stay with the original package. The choice is yours.
When you receive the email with the invoice, there will be a link that takes you through to Braintree (our payment gateway). If you have an existing account with them, then you proceed with your payment. If you have never used Braintree before its simple, open up an account, get verified and then simply proceed with your payment.
Yes, once you get interest in your home people will wish to arrange a property viewing and it is up to you to arrange a viewing at a time that is convenient to you. Requests will come directly via the app messaging service and you can set up inspections with genuine prospective buyers via email. The process is smooth and puts the power back into the hands of the property owner and buyer.
Fantastic, once start to get offers we suggest you consider each offer before accepting or rejecting. Once you have settled on a fair price that you are happy with, you will need to get both parties to sign a contract and get your conveyance solicitor on the case. All sales need to be managed legally, should you require suggestions for legal support please contact us and we can point you in the right direction or speak with your local solicitor or accountant who can provide this information for you.
Absolutely, you can submit and review offers using Biownr all via the app or via email with the interested party. It is simple and easy to understand, and you can speak over the phone should you wish.
Yes, if you are not happy with the offer you can reject any offer or stand by your asking price. You will not be hassled by real estate agents and you can hold onto your property until you are 100% happy with the agreed price.
The average commission per state varies; however, if your home is around $550,000 for example you could save anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 in real estate agent commissions due to the fact agents receive an average commission of 2.2%. Biownr is currently available for Victorian residents and will shortly roll out to the other states of Australia over the coming months.
Our licence currently covers Victoria, however we will soon be expanding our service across all of Australia, so stay tuned.
No. Generally, when it comes to the auction process we suggest a 4 week marketing campaign. This will give potential buyers an opportunity to arrange a pre purchase inspection on the property and gather all the relevant information they may need to feel confident in bidding for your property. In regard to the For Sale (Buy now) campaign, the property is advertised for as long as it takes to sell your property.
Yes, you can log in and edit your listing as many times as you like without any extra fees. We recommend you use high quality images and also provide a detailed description of all the features within your home.
You can sign up for affordable packages that allow you to buy and sell property all via the Biownr app. Save thousands on real estate commissions and fees and buy property the easy way with Biownr. We provide 2 sale packages with the option of premium upgrades for sellers such as home maintenance, house cleaning, flower deliveries and interior styling leading up to the inspections. We also provide pre-purchase building and pest inspections for potential buyers to help you be as informed as possible when it comes to purchasing a property.