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    Share the Love & help us pave the way forward

    Your feedback helps us understand what the community needs or is looking for in a real estate DIY platform. If there is an additional service you require or would like to see added, let us know and we will make it happen. We take your feedback very seriously and this helps the Biownr team work harder to create a better and more user-friendly platform for all.

    We have heaps of amazing ideas for the next phase of Biownr and the most exciting part of it is that every person participating in making this platform grow, whether you are a seller, or a buyer, are helping turn our vision a reality. Your kindness and support has helped contribute to Biownr’s big plan of building self-sustainable communities and providing homes for the homeless and disadvantaged.

    Please check out more on our Big Plan in the “who are we” section of our website found in the drop-down section of our main menu.

    Changing the future together with love